Matt Hardy Releases Another New Video

Matt Hardy is back with a new video thanking Randy Orton for his “kindness” in the attack on him last week on Raw. Hardy posted a new video as you can see below, in which he continues to use his YouTube account to carry out his storyline and assumed transformation toward a new (or perhaps old) gimmick. 
The video features Hardy in his “Chair of Wheels” speaking directly to Orton via the camera. While he doesn’t display any Broken personality traits the way his last video did, the message is more or less the same: 
“Doctor RKO, Randy Orton. I should be livid at you right now, but — but I’m not. Not at all. When you first committed your violent assassination, I thought it was a curse. But in reality, it was a blessing. You, Doctor RKO, have given me a kindness. Thank you, Randy.” Here: new arrivals backpacks