WWE Superstar signs contract extension

Raw Superstar Shelton Benjamin has confirmed he recently signed a WWE contract extension.
On the latest episode of Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Benjamin began the conversation venting about his current position in WWE.
“I always like to put my best foot forward,” he explained. “I like to be in the mix. I like to be producing. I like to inspire people. And, lately, I haven’t been doing much as far as on-air with WWE. And, for me, it’s just frustrating.” Adding, “I’m not doing anything that’s fulfilling to me.”
Shelton returned to WWE in 2017 and was most recently seen competing in the Royal Rumble. During the match, he had a brief reunion with Brock Lesnar who ultimately eliminated him.
Despite the frustration with his lack of TV time … the 44-year-old wrestler noted he still has time to turn things around, as he recently signed a multi-year WWE contract extension.Click Here: British & Irish Lions rugby shirts