Booker T Says He and Stevie Ray Are Thinking About “That Revival Thing”

During his appearance at Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea this past week, Booker T was asked about Stevie Ray. While answering the question, he teased a possible match between Harlem Heat and The Revival, something that was hinted at on WWE TV back at the TLC Kickoff Show. 
Booker said: “Big Stevie Ray, man, he’s doing real good, man. We’re thinking about that Revival thing. We’re thinking about going out there and touching them boys up. Breaking them off just a little piece of something proper-like, showin’ em what old school wrestling is all about. Like my brother said, we ain’t hard to find, man. We gonna do the boys like it’s supposed to be done, make ’em bow down, make ’em pay, MAKE ‘EM SAY DADDY, I don’t want none, I had enough. I’m thinking this, man. If they want some, you know, we ain’t that hard to find.” Click Here: italy rugby jersey