“Sinister Minister” James Mitchell’s Daughter Has Stage Three Lymphoma

James Mitchell’s daughter Chelsea has been diagnosed with stage-three lymphoma, and a GoFundMe has been set up to help with medical expenses. The Impact star posted to Twitter revealing the news and putting forth the request to help, as you can see below.
The GoFundMe has $4,190 thus far out of a $30,000 goal. Chelsea said in the GoFundMe:
I never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) would visualize myself in this situation. A situation where I would have to put myself at the mercy of others and ask for help, especially financial help. It’s not who I am. This is incredibly hard and humbling for me. That said, this isn’t so much about me as much as it is about my daughter.
I was diagnosed with High-Grade B-Cell Lymphoma, following several misdiagnoses on October 26, 2019. Following a never ending barrage of tests, it has been determined that I am stage 3 Lymphoma on December 19th, 2019. I am having a chemo port installed in my chest on December 27th. I will be undergoing RCHOP (chemotherapy) every 3 weeks for the next six months. I begin treatment in the first week of January.
This diagnosis stage has taken me out of work A LOT. I have lost out and simultaneously spent thousands of dollars since August–that’s WITH insurance. I am drowning in medical bills and have had to make difficult decisions regarding finances. The treatment stage is going to be even harder. I have been warned that I will not be able to perform simple tasks, especially work. My job/employers are doing their best to accommodate and assist me with flexible scheduling. I am eternally grateful but even with that assistance, I will not be able to pay for my co-pays/medical necessities and support myself and my daughter. I am a single parent after all.
I cannot fail my daughter. I can’t. This isn’t her fault. I am fighting for her.
I have a fantastic emotional support system. I have an army of people who love and support me. I just cannot do this without help. Any bit of support is appreciated. Please share.
I thank you all.
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