EVOLVE Recruitment Camp Announcement

Start the New Year the right way!
We are excited to announce the next EVOLVE Recruitment Camp for January 3rd-5th in Port Richey, FL. The camp is open to all wrestlers, referees, managers and announcers with prior wrestling training. Go to the WWNLive.com Seminar/Tryout section for an application.
The three-day camp is a comprehensive learning experience and unprecedented opportunity. EVOLVE has gathered an all-star list of coaches, producers and talent from the WWE Performance Center to give all participants a well rounded education. These are the lessons you normally can only get at the WWE PC.
The opportunity is yours! At least one participant will be selected to go the WWE PC for an extended tryout. Stephen Wolf and Steven Felger were just at last week’s WWE Performance Center tryout as a result of being discovered in the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp.
Several participants from past EVOLVE Recruitment Camps have earned full-time EVOLVE jobs, including Stephen Wolf, Anthony Gutierrez and referee Stephon Smith. In fact, Smith was recently hired by WWE after being discovered in the first EVOLVE Recruitment Camp.
This is also an opportunity to get into the WWN system. Not only have a number of wrestlers and referees been selected to be in EVOLVE, but several talents have also been booked in SHINE Wrestling, Full Impact Pro Wrestling and American Combat Wrestling.
Everyone in the camp will be on the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp Do Or Die event, which will close the camp in front of a live audience as well as streaming live on Facebook and Club WWN. The event from the last camp did great views with 11,000+ views, 1,000+ comments and 182 shares in less than 24 hours.
Everything is up for grabs in 2020! There are more contracted wrestlers earning six figures than there have ever been in the 2000s. The top spots on the independents are all up for grabs. The playing field is yours to take. The EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will give you the tools you need to succeed. Start 2020 out the right way and learn from the best at the WWE PC.
Special guests at the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will include:
Terry Taylor – This well respected coach at the WWE PC also produces many of the matches you see on USA every Wednesday. Taylor will share his decades of knowledge and expertise. He took part in our first camp. His lecture was regarded as a highlight of the camp.
Steve Corino – The former ECW, NWA and AWA World Champion has risen as a top coach and producer in the WWE system. We welcome Coach Corino to the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp for the first time.
Norman Smiley – Coach Smiley has been one of the most well regarded teachers at our EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts and the first EVOLVE Recruitment Camp. Smiley brings decades of knowledge and experience from the WWE PC to you.
Sean Hayes – Coach Hayes handles all the strength and conditioning at the WWE PC. If you want to look like the athletes at NXT, you need to listen to Coach Hayes. He conducted a unique and highly regarded seminar at the last EVOLVE Recruitment Camp. Coach Hayes is coming to give a completely different and new lecture in January.
Jeremy Borash – He brings over 20 years of experience in TV from WCW to TNA to now being the WWE Senior Creator Of Content & Development. He will teach character development. This will be Borash’s first ever seminar.
DA Brewer – Referee Brewer was actually discovered in a past EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout. This led to a full-time job in EVOLVE, which led to being hired by WWE. He is now one of the top refs in NXT. This will be full circle for Brewer who comes to the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp to teach the referees. In addition, Brewer will teach the highly important lessons on how wrestlers and managers need to work with referees and how the system works in WWE.
Gabe Sapolsky – The WWE Creative Consultant and EVOLVE VP Of Creative & Talent Relations works regularly at the WWE PC. Sapolsky will teach everything he’s learned from working with Paul Heyman, Paul Levesque, William Regal and other legends.
The EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will include:
-A variety of in depth lectures and in ring lessons from Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley, Steve Corino and DA Brewer. There will also be guests from the current NXT roster.
-Tryout matches with immediate critiques from current NXT talent.
-Sean Hayes will conduct training and conditioning demonstrations.
-Jeremy Borash and Gabe Sapolsky will discuss character development and promos.
-The camp concludes with the Do Or Die PPV type show.
-Several meals will be included.
The price of this 3-day event is $799. You can fill out an application now to see if you are accepted.
The opportunity is yours. The track record of the EVOLVE Recruitment Camp speaks for itself. If you aren’t signed to WWE, this is the only place you can get these lessons. This is a real chance to earn a contract with WWE. Start out 2020 the right way and improve your career.Click Here: st george illawarra dragons jersey