Vince McMahon Said To Be Looking For A ‘Yes Man’ Backstage

Over the weekend, we reported that WWE hired back Bruce Prichard in a top creative team role and he’ll begin his new job at tonight’s RAW taping in Atlanta. It was speculated that Prichard was hired back because he was part of the creative team during WWE’s most popular period and Vince McMahon is hoping to recapture the company’s former glory. However, Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live said that McMahon is actually just looking for a “yes man” backstage.
He said: “I do know that I have heard from people who have concluded that what Vince really wants right now is a ‘yes man’ who is just going to tell him yes to all of his ideas.”
Triple H went against McMahon last week when he fought to get the script changed so Finn Balor vs. Ricochet didn’t happen. His reasons at the time were that Ricochet was making his debut and Balor just won the Intercontinental title, so a loss would have hurt both guys. McMahon is looking for someone to take his side and reportedly believes Prichard will be that person.Click Here: Netherlands soccer tracksuit