Chris Jericho On Feeling Disrespected At WM33 & Talks about Leaving WWE

Chris Jericho was on the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio. During it, he discussed why he left WWE and why he felt disrespected due to how low on the card his match with Kevin Owens was at WrestleMania 33.
“I’m out to prove a point,” said Jericho. “It pisses me off that, and it’s not in a bad way, but [my feud with Kevin Owens] being second on that WrestleMania. I never realized it until a few months ago. It really bothers me. It should’ve been a more focused on match with the work we had done for it. If I go back to WWE, it’s easy. It’s the easy way to go. I know what I’ll be doing, I know where I’ll be. That’s great! I can do that for the rest of my career, but I don’t want that. I want to take a chance. I want to make a difference and do something that by Jericho showing up, people are paying attention.
“[My presence] can make a company. When I went to New Japan, I built a bridge. Prior to this match [with Omega], most fans knew about New Japan but they didn’t pay attention much to it. Then when they heard Jericho-Omega, a lot of fans followed. New Japan World went up 60% when I went there because people are following me … they see this great match and they see everyone else. Same thing with AEW. I’m such a WWE guy that by going to AEW it makes a different. I don’t want to be another guy.”
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