14 reasons why the Darts Name Generator is the best thing ever

WITH THE PDC World Championships starting tonight, everybody is beside themselves with tungsten anticipation.

Frankly, there is no better way to get yourself in the mood than taking a turn on Sky Sport’s incredible Darts Name Generator.

Here’s what some of your favourite sports stars got.

1. Deadly

2. Keep it steady, Bernard

3. Scrappy

4. Whatcha think about that?

5. He is tough, in fairness


6. Eh…


7. So cool. Typical Joe.


8. All those cartwheels over the years earned this name


9. This makes no sense

10. Probably even more inaccurate


11. Now we’re talking

That Dan Carter lad would wanna watch himself.


12. He can’t get enough of that silverware

13. We can just see him, intently buzzing from plant to plant

14. Bound to be a dirty cop

– Shane Merrigan contributed to this article.

Try out the scientific wonder that is the name generator for yourself on SkySports.

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