Jean-Michel Aulas pays tribute to Bernard Tapie: “He was a character.”

In a video published on Lyon’s social media channels, club president Jean-Michel Aulas paid tribute to the late Bernard Tapie, the iconic Marseille owner having passed away yesterday morning following his battle with cancer.

Tapie, who presided over four league titles and a Champions League in 1993, was notably involved in Aulas’ decision to take over at OL back in 1987.

“He was a character, who through football and business had at the time brought in many innovations. He was very invested, as in football, and it brought results because he saved many businesses. We often remember the things that didn’t work out as well, but here you have a character who managed amazingly in football and put desire and hope to footballers and entrepreneurs.”

“He gave me the desire to interest myself in a football club, to give the best of myself so that football could be very representative through a club and a city. He’s the one who said [in 1987] that there might be someone in Lyon who could make a contribution. I didn’t know back then that I’d go on to become a club president over the long term, something that’s quite rare in the footballing world.”



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