Alvaro Gonzalez: “What’s surprised me most about Ligue 1 is the passion here.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC, one of Marseille’s three summer signings discussed his first impressions of Ligue 1 and a host of other topics. Currently on loan from Villarreal, Alvaro Gonzalez did not mask his surprise at the passion in France football.

His opinion on Ligue 1:

What surprised me the most is the passion for football that I have seen in the stadiums. I have only experienced two matches at the Vélodrome. The last was against St Étienne and it was certainly the most amazing experience I have ever had in a stadium. The two matches away from home, at Nice and Nantes, also surprised me in terms of atmosphere. It was loud and intense. And thus very motivational for us on the pitch.

On his famous exchange with Lionel Messi:

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It is quite a funny anecdote. It was period where we had three consecutive derbies between Espanyol and Barcelona. Matches of great intensity. We used to banter each other back and forth. I said to him: “You are really small, miniscule.” He looks at me and responds: “You, you are really bad at football.” I had the final word: “Yes, we are both right.” We laughed together and this story brought about a lot of smiles in Spain.

On Dario Benedetto:

I hope and I think that Dario will be the great striker that Marseille are waiting for. He brings us a lot and can still give us more as he follows his adaptation period. I dot know him personally but I have watched a few Boca matches. He is a fantastic shot on him. He is a player with a lot of heart and a big character.