So Much Talk On Corruption, But India Doesn’t Even Have Any Enforcement Against Foreign Bribery

India is among four countries with ‘no or little enforcement’ when it comes to foreign bribery, revealed a report conducted by an international anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International.

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Based out of Berlin, Germany the NGO report even mentions alleged cases of foreign bribery, the PTI reported. Citing a foreign firm deal of 12 helicopters by Italy based firm AgustaWestland, the report suggested that India should criminalize foreign bribery and introduce stringent laws that would protect whistleblowers in the corporate sector.

The 2018 edition of the ‘Exporting Corruption Report’ revealed that if India along with the three other nations i.e China, Hong Kong and Singapore didn’t develop laws to curb foreign bribery then nations which do enforce these legislation will find themselves in a disadvantaged position.