Premier League review: Alleged racism overshadows Lampard’s schooling of Mourinho, De Gea’s troubles, while Arteta and Ancelotti hate Christmas

An absolute skidmark stain on society? Moronic, cowardly and uneducated? I mean, we could keep going and between all of us come up with quite a few more words to describe the fact that racism once again became the talking point in football this weekend.

Hopefully, all the people who jumped on the bandwagon after the incidents in Bulgaria a couple of months ago are battering out tweet after tweet calling it out in the same way after Antonio Rudiger was believed to have been racially abused in Chelsea’s win over Tottenham.

Did the defender make the most of Sonny pushing his studs up into his six-pack? Yes, yes he did.

Does that mean that he should then be subjected to anything more than boos and the usual level of conversation from the crowd after a decision goes against them and there is a pantomime villain at large? Not even a little bit.

Son’s red card was not the turning point on Sunday – the turning point was the complete and utter number Frank Lampard did on his former gaffer, Jose Mourinho.

A lot has been said about Jose bringing in this new assistant who is believed to be an analysis whiz. Well, he can’t have seen that coming – Chelsea lining up with three at the back and Willian absolutely dominating the match.