Premier League review: Dog day afternoon for Mourinho, Alexander-Arnold steals the show, and Chelsea flop at home again under Lampard

The single most tear-jerking moment of my Christmas was when Jim Rosenthal asked Jose Mourinho how his Christmas Day had been and Jose told him his beloved dog had passed away.

I tell you this for nothing, Amazon are killing it this season – getting Poch sacked, getting Spurs to appoint Mourinho and then Jose’s dog passing away on Christmas Day? If they didn’t get that on camera then someone is going to get fired.

All cynicism aside for one moment though, if you did not feel for Mou in that moment then did you even deserve Christmas in your house?

Briefly, the pantomime villain mask slipped and we saw the real Jose and you know what? He’s only human and loves dogs.

For that alone, I was delighted when Dele Alli cleverly scored the winner after Brighton had led and I like Graham Potter, I wish him well. But the thought of Jose going home, Leya not greeting him at the door, not caring less whether he’d got three points or not, and not actually having three points brought a tear to my eye.

Harry Kane scored as well, naturally. It’s a Boxing Day tradition for Kane to find the back of the net, he’s done it for the last five years.

He reckons it’s a proper Christmas dinner that helps him score the next day. If that’s the case, why didn’t Micky Quinn score more often?