Duchess of Cambridge tries to start snowball fight with husband in Oslo, but he concedes defeat: ‘It’s too cold’

The Duchess of Cambridge showed she has quite the head for heights, as she tried to start a snowball fight with her husband 210ft in the air.

The Duchess, who is six months pregnant, was in a playful mood on the final day of their Scandinavian tour, as the Royal couple attended a ski resort.

Taken up to the top of an olympic-standard ski jump at Holmenkellen, in the snow-laden hills above Oslo, the Duke scraped a small handful of snow in his gloved hand, throwing it gently underarm at his wife.

The Duchess, clearly game for some fun, shaped her own snowball to throw at the Duke, who conceded defeat.

“It’s too cold for snowballs,” he said laughing, as the Norwegian royal couple Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit stood with them.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, throws a snowball at Prince William during their visit Holmenkollen Ski Arena in OsloCredit:

Later in the afternoon, the Duke and Duchess joined hundreds of small children on the nursery slopes to admire their fledgling attempts at skiing, and cook sausages over an open fire.

The Duchess and Prince Haakon adopted the unofficial role of chief child rescuers, pulling one small skier after another to their feet after they slipped over.

Settling in for conversation around a campfire, they held sausages on sticks up to flames as curious Norwegian children took a break from their lessons to investigate their Royal visitors.

The Duchess of Cambridge warms her hands around a camp fire with nursery childrenCredit:
Dominic Lipinski /OA

The Duchess was certain that the couple’s children, Prince George, four, and two-year-old Princess Charlotte, would have delighted in the stunning surroundings.

“She said their children would love to be here and that it is a nice place,” said Line Hansen, manager of the kindergarten at Ovresetertjern, near Oslo. “She said that George tried skiing last year but he was just two and a half so was just starting.”

The Duchess speaks to young children at the ski eventCredit:
Dominic Lipinski /PA

At one point, just as they were preparing to sit down, one of the youngsters slipped.

As the Duchess helped her up, a second little girl lost control of her skis too. “Oh no!” she exclaimed as the hardy child picked herself up.

The Royal couple then sat down to talk to the children about the ski school and join in the cooking.

The Royals laugh as they chat to youngsters in the snowCredit:
Stephen Lock/i-Images 

They baked a simple bread mixture – called pinnebrod – wrapped around a stick and sausages.

“They were asking the children their names and what they like about kindergarten and about what we were cooking,” Hansen adds.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Holmenkollen ski jump, in the snow-laden hills above OsloCredit:
Chris Jackson /Getty

“They liked the environment and the setting. The children told them about their lessons and how they like to be by the bonfire.”

The Duke of Cambridge tries cooking on an open fire Credit:
Andrew Parsons/i-Images 

After about half-an-hour, and the nod came to leave, the Duke said he did not want to head off.

“I want to wait until my bread’s finished,” he said. As she left, the Duchess told one little girl: “Thank you for showing me how to make the bread.”

The couples had begun their visit at the Ski Museum, admiring ski outfits through the ages and indulging in some friendly rivalry with their new Norwegian Royal friends.

Asked whether they skied themselves, the Duke confirmed they tended to visit the Alps while the Duchess admitted they had never tried cross country skiing. They also ski in Scotland, she added, “through the heather".

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are joined by Crown Princess Mette Marit and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway at Holmenkollen ski jumpCredit:
Samir Hussein /WireImage

Shown an exhibit about the Roald Amundsen Expedition to the South Pole from 1910 to 1912, they were reminded that the Norwegians beat their British rivals to be first in the world to reach the pole.

After the British and Norwegian royal couples laughed, Princess Mette-Marit, perhaps suspecting she had been a little too enthusiastic about the home victory, told the Duke: “I’m sorry.” “No no, quite right,” he conceded.

Kate and William’s tour of Sweden and Norway

The party were then taken to a balcony 210ft above the ground, where they watched Norwegian ski jumper Anniken Mork race down the track at 56mph before taking a leap of faith towards the ground below.

The Duchess clapped with delight as she landed safely, and the Duke said: “Wow. That was amazing.”

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