Nia Jax Expected Back For RAW

WWE women’s superstar Nia Jaxx has been off television for a few weeks and there are conflicting stories as too why. Some have reported she has some minor back issues while it has also been reported that she walked out of the company, on the advice from her cousin The Rock, reporting she was not happy and may have refused to job clean to Sasha Banks at the TLC show a few weeks back.
Whatever the case or the actual reason for her absence, it is still expected that she will be at RAW tonight. Although nothing is being reported to what she will actually do, it is expected she will be there is some form or fashion and hopefully be in action on television. With Survivor Series coming up, as well as the release of Emma, that seemed like a surprise to many, the RAW team may want her around and set a new story for her.
With wrestling’s many rumors, we will find out in time if she indeed does make the show, and if there is any plan for her currently or going forward. Nia has not been confirmed to be on the RAW women’s team in the Survivor Series 10 women match yet, but if she returns Monday night, she would play a part in qualifying for the rest of the team.


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