Betting Odds for Tonight’s WWE Title Match Between Mahal & Styles

Betting odds have been submitted for the WWE Title Match between Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles for tonight’s SmackDown Live. This isn’t the first time betting odds were submitted for a SmackDown Live Match. The first happened over the summer when John Cena faced Shinsuke Nakamura. Cena was favored to win early, but Nakamura came in as a late prediction to win and he did win.
For tonight’s Championship Match, the initial odds were an even bet, with both Mahal and Styles set at -120. The odds changed almost immediately and AJ is now a slight favorite at -155 to Jinder’s +115. As always, because this is a championship match, this doesn’t mean that AJ Styles is favored to walk out of SmackDown as Champion due to the “champion’s advantage” of titles not changing hands due to a DQ or count out.
It’s also worth mentioning that Jinder Mahal has overcame a lot of odds in the past during his championship reign. Another factor to consider is that Jinder is set to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in a champion vs champion match. Styles winning the title could change that and some could argue that with AJ having more star power than Jinder, this would make for a more intriguing match and be more of a money draw. On the other hand, WWE is obviously firmly behind Mahal and a win over AJ would only elevate him further.

This particular match is worth following because it could go in any direction. Usually, before the match starts is when the odds are much more accurate. However, since this match is being pre-taped at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, these odds are likely to close before SmackDown airs.

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