Dalton Castle Reportedly Re-Signs with Ring of Honor

When ROH wrestler Dalton Castle’s contract was revealed to be coming to an end, many wrestling fans speculated that he would be jumping ship to WWE. Given his popularity, it seemed like a real possibility that he would wind up in NXT soon. His gimmick is a revolutionary and inventive one that fans have gotten behind tremendously over the years. He has been involved in World Championship main events recently, perhaps as a way of convincing him to stay with the promotion. Castle is one of the top stars in ROH right now, and there was apparently some interest from WWE about bringing him over once his deal expired later this month.
Despite the rumors that have been circulating recently, PWInsider stated recently that Dalton Castle has decided to re-sign with Ring of Honor. Castle could be staying to help ROH grow into a bigger promotion, or it is possible that after losing so many stars this year, such as Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Donovan Dijak to name a few, that ROH decided to make Castle an offer that he couldn’t turn down. Ring of Honor has not yet confirmed the re-signing, and neither has Castle yet for that matter. No word on how long he has decided to stick around for either, but the belief is that he will definitely be staying with Ring of Honor for at least another year or two.
Dalton Castle is absolutely beloved in Ring of Honor, and his re-signing could definitely pave the way for a future championship run. Castle became a fan-favorite with his flamboyant babyface gimmick, and after being accompanied by his two “boys” who usually act as his human furniture. It does seem likely to some that he will end up in WWE at some point. The idea of merchandising and his popular gimmick seems like something that would be difficult for WWE to pass up on. Whatever they offered him this time around though did not entice Castle to make the transition, and as a result, the ‘Party Peacock’ will be staying in ROH for the time being

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