Demand Justice Targets Democratic Sen. Chris Coons For Voting in Favor of Trump Judicial Nominees

A number of Senate Democrats are angry at judicial advocacy group Demand Justice for going after the chamber’s members for voting in favor of President Donald Trump’s unprecedented slew of federal judges, but the organization’s leader isn’t backing down.

“We think that the idea of doing horse trading with this administration is not worth it,” Demand Justice executive director Brian Fallon told Politico Wednesday.

Fallon is under fire from Democratic senators who feel that Demand Justice’s September ad buy in Delaware targeting Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat, is over the line. Coons has supported a number of Trump nominees, including, Demand Justice said, some whose support of Brown v. Board of Education is in doubt. 

“That was way out of line,” complained Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). 

But it’s in keeping with the group’s mission, as Politico explained:


When the ad buy was announced, Coons spokesman Sean Coits rejected Demand Justice’s accusations.

“Senator Coons has opposed unqualified Trump nominees—both for judgeships and administration positions,” said Coits, “and has supported some whom he believes are qualified for their positions.”

The criticism isn’t deterring Fallon and Demand Justice, however. 

“We plan to invest in Delaware a lot more heavily in the coming months, assuming Chris Coons continues voting for Trump judges,” Fallon said. “If that’s a record he’s proud of and feels like he can defend then he has nothing to worry about from our ads.”

Fallon was silent on social media Wednesday after the Politico report’s release. But he did retweet Demand Justice:

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