Progressives Cheer NYT Editorial Board Endorsement of Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General

The New York Times editorial board just made “a wise choice” and endorsed Zephyr Teachout, the most outspoken progressive among the candidates in the Democratic primary for New York state attorney general.

Teachout, whose progressive platform includes abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), ending cash bail, increasing access to the polls, and making fossil fuel companies liable for the climate crisis, is “an independent-minded lawyer unusually well prepared to curb abuses of power and restore integrity and pride to this office,” the Times writes. In fact, she “has written the book on political corruption—literally.”

“Even in the best of times the office [of attorney general] plays a critical role,” the Times writes, noting that its “influence is felt across the nation.” But of course, “These are not the best of times.”

“With the right leadership,” the endorsement continues, “the office could serve as a firewall if President [Donald] Trump pardons senior aides, dismisses the special counsel, Robert Mueller, or attacks the foundations of state power.”

“We believe that Democrats who are seeking a means of standing up to the Trump presidency and graft in Albany can find in Ms. Teachout their most effective champion for democracy and civil rights, good government and the environment, workers’ rights, fair housing, and gender equality,” the editorial board concludes.


Among the progressives praising the endorsement was author and co-founder Bill McKibben, who tweeted, “There’s rarely been a better match between a candidate, a job, and a moment.”

In addition to calling Teachout “a true progressive leader,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) tweeted, “This endorsement also suggests that the NYT is becoming more open to new voices outside the establishment. Great to see!”

New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez similarly cheered the Times‘ endorsement of Teachout—the pair endorsed each other—tweeting: “A lot of folks talk tough on Trump, but Zephyr would be one of the few w/ direct power to act. She knows that we can’t tackle 45 without tackling our shady system of money in politics.”

New York’s Democratic primary is on Thursday, Sept. 13.

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