RESIST DAY #74: What You Can Do Today

Monday, April 3, 2017

  • The important vote this week for Gorsuch is the “cloture” vote. Voting for “cloture” means voting to cut off debate and end a filibuster. This vote requires 60 votes to succeed, which means Senate Republicans CAN’T win this on their own—they don’t have enough votes. Ask your Senator (regardless of party) to vote “NO on cloture” for Gorsuch—check out the Indivisible Guide’s newly updated script on this here.
    • and tell them you oppose Gorsuch. If they’ve already committed to join the filibuster, please thank them
    • Share your opposition using the and hashtags on social media

  • A bipartisan group of House members is demanding that President Trump seek Congressional approval before escalating U.S. involvement in Yemen’s civil war. Reps. Mark Pocan [D-WI], Justin Amash [R-MI]; Ted Lieu [D-CA] and Walter Jones [R-NC] are circulating a letter to the President that says, “Congress has never authorized the actions under consideration.”
    • You can urge your Representative to sign the Pocan-Amash-Lieu-Jones letter here, here, here, or here.
    • Daily Action is also calling on its members to back the letter and urge Trump against escalation in Yemen

What You Can Be Doing Everyday 

  • Check out the Indivisible Guide’s “Capitol Calendar.” See if there’s a local Indivisible group in your area. If there isn’t, start one.
  • ” also has a running schedule of events and actions.
  • Sign up to receive ” on your mobile device
  • Every day: Make your voice heard with “5 Calls” (because calling actually works)
  • Every Sunday: Join “Ready to Resist” Strategy Calls
  • Every Tuesday: #ResistTrumpTuesdays (or on Twitter)

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