#FightInequality: Week of Action Aims to Tackle 'Crisis Reaching New Extremes'

Economic inequality tops the list of global risks, the World Economic Forum (WEF) said Wednesday, just ahead of a global week of action that aims to fight the wealth gap crisis.

The pronouncement from the WEF comes via its new Global Risks Report, issued before a “parody-defying event”—its annual gathering Davos, Switzerland—”to create the correct veneer of earnest contemplation,” as one observer puts it. 

But with the global group’s focus of sustaining economic growth and a list of corporate backers like BP and Nestlé, as well as the fact that “the more the elites at Davos seem to contemplate our global great divide, the more global wealth seems to concentrate in fewer pockets,” a new effort is hoping to address the root causes of inequality head-on.

Stating that it “bear[s] witness to the devastating impacts of an unjust economic system in the lives of people around the world, and on the climate,” the Fight Inequality Alliance will use the week of January 14, during which the Davos forum also takes place, to illustrate “the world we want.”


Taking action on the wealth gap is needed, the coalition’s site states, as

Among other things, it’s calling for governments to:

The alliance is also encouraging people to follow the effort using the hashtag #FightInequality on Facebook and Twitter.

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