Israel Claims New "Legitimacy" as Attack on Gaza Resumes

(8:47 AM EST):

Fulfilling fears and suspicions that an Egyptian-proposed “cease-fire” agreement put forth late on Monday would not last and may have simply been a pretext for Israel to bolster a narrative that it was Hamas and other militant factions that refused a settlement, the Israel military—after a brief respite—resumed its aerial bombing of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday with a massive show of firepower.

As the Guardian‘s live blog reports:

At press conference earlier on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “If Hamas rejects the ceasefire, we will have international legitimacy to restore the needed quiet.”

Subsequently, and showing the Israel’s desired narrative was at least represented at the New York Times, the newspaper’s updated headline read: “Israel Resumes Attack After Militants Spurn Cease-Fire Plan.”

As Sara Hussein, Middle East correspondent for Agence France-Presse, tweeted:


And Palestinian author and columnist Ramzy Baroud tweeted just after the new round of  airstikes began:

(7:15 AM EST):

Neither Hamas nor the representatives of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip have signed off on a Egyptian-proposed cease-fire agreement with Israel, representatives from both groups said on Tuesday, because they were not party to the talks and have not been officially informed of the details.

Overnight, at least 25 new Israeli airstrikes were reported on Gaza, resulting in five additional Palestinian fatalities. In the last week, according to recent updates, Israel’s bombing campaign has killed more than 190 people—eighty percent of them civilians—including at least 34 children.

Many news outlets across the world are reporting that Israel has now accepted the deal brokered in Cairo and that Hamas has refused it. However, according to reporting from Ma’an news agency inside Gaza and other outlets on Tuesday, the brokered settlement excluded input from those living under the occupation and facing a militarty onslaught that has claimed nearly 200 lives in eight days of bombing and shelling.


According to the Guardian:

And Ma’an reports:

Quoting Israel’s former U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren as an “analyst,” the New York Times reported Tuesday that observers like him see “little downside for Israel in accepting the Egyptian outline” because they calculate that “if Hamas rejects the terms” of the deal, it will provide “Israel with more international legitimacy to continue the conflict.”

As Oren stated on a phone call with journalists, “Now that Israel has accepted the cease-fire and has offered to go into further negotiations, if Hamas reopens fire, Israel’s justification for responding in a very robust way is greatly reinforced.”


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