AEW Dark Results (Ep. 11): Garland, TX. (Full Episode Video)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returned with episode 11 of their weekly digital series, AEW Dark, on their official YouTube channel and social media outlets on Tuesday, December 17th.

The 12/17 edition of AEW Dark was taped during the 12/11 AEW Dynamite television shoot at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.

For those who missed the show, check out the complete episode from AEW’s YouTube channel below.

Featured below, courtesy of Arya Witner (@TheReallyRealAW) and are complete results of the show.


The show started with a recap video from the AEW press conference back in February, which segued into a video of The Young Bucks stating they want to prove they are the best tag team in the business. However, because they’ve lost multiple big matches, they feel disappointed because it proves they haven’t been. They’ve spent months building themselves up and have now earned a title shot tomorrow night after winning last week’s Texas Street Fight.

Nick Jackson called SCU some of their best friends in the world. Matt Jackson said despite that they will show through their actions that they are the best. They just hope that it’s not awkward when they have Christmas dinner next week.

Joining Excalibur at the booth this week is Vickie Guerrero, who got super heat, but also a nice pop when she came out and bellowed “EXCUSE ME!” Vickie is a very nice person, but I thought she was almost completely useless on this show.

AEW Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) defeated Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) in a non-title match

Private Party have fallen off the tag team rankings after getting a title shot back at Full Gear. Vickie is really into them, as they have cougar stripes on their gear.

Kazarian and Kassidy traded near falls early on until slapping hands and tagging out. Kazarian later on hit a springboard leg drop on Quen and he nearly landed butt-first on Quen’s head. Speaking of Quen’s head, he then took a German suplex right on it. Excalibur said it was due to Kazarian not expecting Quen to be so light.

Kassidy got the hot tag and ran wild, including hitting a beautiful double team where he picked Sky up and Quen came off the middle rope with a bulldog for a two count. They went to the well with the double teams too many times. They sent Sly into Kazarian in the corner, but Sky gave his partner a monkey flip and Kazarian landed on his feet and took his foes out with a double clothesline.

Quen barely kicked out of a double team foot stomp/Unprettier. Finally, Quen missed a Shooting Star Press and SCU broke up the Silly String before Sky pinned Quen after the S-C-U-later.

We got recaps of Big Swole’s win and Brandi Rhodes’ interview from last Wednesday. It was also announced that Britt Baker will face Kris Statlander in a number one contender’s match on AEW Dynamite on 12/18.

Updated Women’s Rankings:

    5.) Emi Sakura
    4.) Nyla Rose
    3.) Hikaru Shida
    2.) Kris Statlander
    1.) Dr. Britt Baker

Dr. Britt Baker submitted Machiko

Joey Janela joined Excalibur and Vickie. Machiko is from Dallas and has been wrestling for eight years. They announced her from Tulsa, so the crowd in Garland didn’t know she was a hometown/area girl.

Machiko got a little bit of offense, but it was The Doctor from the opening bell. Baker hit a superkick and slapped on the Lock Jaw for the win.

Kris Statlander defeated Bea Priestley

The top two AEW women’s division contenders were both in action tonight. First Baker won and now Statlander is defending her number two ranking. If Statlander loses, she will lose her number one contender’s match tomorrow night.

Statlander looked good until they ended up outside the ring, where Priestley dropped her with a back suplex on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring. Vickie said Priestley was “good at concussions” and this led to a joke about Janela having quite a few concussions and not to alert Nowinski.

Priestley tried to put Statlander in the “head stuck in the turnbuckles” spot, which always looks stupid, and Statlander apparently agreed as she just did a headstand on the buckle and then kicked Priestley in the face.

Statlander got out the proverbial hammer and nails as she was building momentum, but The Nightmare Collective walked to their front row seats and held up signs, encouraging Statlander to join them. Coincidence or not, Priestley took over here, so she must have ripped the nails out.

Statlander kicked out of a capture suplex, nearly got the win with an Oklahoma roll and a scissors kick, but did win with The Big Bang Theory.

We got a post-match promo with Statlander. She informed us puny humans that she is going to be our leader. She has to beat Baker tomorrow and says the gravitational pull we feel is the AEW Women’s title coming home to her.

PAC & The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Angelico) defeated Orange Cassidy & Best Friends (Trent Barreta & Chuck Taylor)

Main event time. After I complained last time about there being a 20-minute non-wrestling segment in the show, they drastically cut down this week to almost nothing. In case anyone from AEW actually reads this, I should say I enjoyed those post match promos you guys did one week.

Janela made a Jim Cornette reference by talking about “outlaw mudshows.” Someone let him know Cornette only watches Dynamite. Anyway, Cassidy was super over, as expected, and the heels got the heat when PAC put a knee square in the lower back of Chucky T.

PAC also showed what a bastard he was by not allowing Best Friends to hug when Trent made a brief comeback. This led to PAC putting the boots to his fellow former WWE’er.

This might as well have been a handicap match, as PAC did a much better job by himself than either of The Hybrid 2. Both Evans and Angelico lost the team’s momentum as soon as they tagged in.

Trent hit the half-and-half suplex and managed to make the hot tag to Cassidy. The fans nearly wet themselves. Babies were thrown in the air as Cassidy tagged in. Cassidy put his hands in his pockets to run spots with Evans and then threw a series of vicious leg kicks to PAC. That is an excellent strategy, since Pac relies on his Black Arrow to win matches and can he do it with bad legs?

In all seriousness, Cassidy used a tornado DDT on PAC and then a tope on all three heels. We got a three-way hug by the babyfaces and a top rope splash from Cassidy to Angelico for a two count. Cassidy left a legend as he tagged out. Taylor immediately got cut off and almost pinned after a 450 splash.

PAC booted Cassidy off the apron and the distraction nearly led to Taylor pinning him with a schoolboy, but PAC locked on The Brutalizer for the tap out.

The show ended with Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez plugging and AEW Revolution on February 29.

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