The Lawcast – Wrestlemania 2000 Is A Hurricane of Chaos

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Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! After a little post-Wrestlemania break, we’re back to hit you with our last two installments of this year’s Wrestlemania anthology, before he finally get back to the non-Wrestlemania world. We had continued letting these wait until next year, but the next two are just so goddamn juicy that we couldn’t resist.

Wrestlemania 2000 is a perplexing whirlwind of nonsensical card stuffing orchestrated a crazy person. It contains one (1) singles match, contains one (1) match that is redeeming in any real sense, and features a main event that only exists to build to the true main event at Backlash. Does that sound pretty weird? Good! Because we’re just scratching the surface.


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