Video: D-X Shoots About AEW During WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Speech

The WWE Hall Of Fame 2019 induction ceremony was quite the memorable evening.

Crazy Bret Hart fan attack aside, the main event also delivered in terms of some unexpected / unplanned moments.

During the induction for D-Generation X (DX), which included Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and Chyna, there were some references and chants for the new All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion.

As the speech went on, “The Game” took a few shots at the upstart promotion, joking about how putting an “EVP” (Executive Vice President) title in front of your name makes you feel important these days. Many took this as a shot at AEW, where Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are all EVP’s of the company.

To make matters worse, during his speech, Gunn joked about how Vince McMahon and WWE couldn’t fire him for anything he says, referencing the fact that he is signed to AEW. The fans broke out in an “AEW” chant, which Triple H quickly put out.

“Billy, let’s be honest,” said Triple H in response to Gunn’s comments and the subsequent fan chants. “[Vince] would buy that piss-ant company just to fire you again.”

If that wasn’t enough, “The Heartbreak Kid” decided to add to the matter, joking about always being able to count on Gunn to under-deliver, dropping an “ALL IN” reference.

“You can always count on ole’ Billy Gunn to over-promise and under-deliver,” said Michaels. “We thank you for being out here and being ‘ALL IN.'”

The reference was one directed again at AEW, which was founded following the success of the ALL IN pay-per-view in September of 2018.

Triple H joked about this by following up saying, “It’s funny ’cause … nevermind.”

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  • VIDEOS: D-X Shoots About AEW During WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Speech

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