The Lawcast – WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Has The I Quit Match

Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of The Lawcast! Today we have a treat for you as we continue on in Royal Rumble series, and this time we’re bringing you WWF Royal Rumble 1999.

There’s so much to talk about here, as Vince McMahon has stacked the deck against Stone Cold Steve Austin like never before, putting him at number one in the Royal Rumble and daring him to defeat all comers to earn his way back to a title shot at Wrestlemania? He actually fails, and Vince McMahon himself wins this Rumble, because the world is a strange and unfamiliar place.

But beneath the surface of one of the hottest runs in wrestling history lies The I Quit match. A match that will live in infamy, and is among the most reprehensible things ever aired on a WWE broadcast. We break down what happened, how it happened, and we try our best to figure out why it happened. This isn’t an easy one, folks. Strap in for big emotions.

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