Finn Balor Talks About Brock Lesnar Leaving Or Staying In WWE

Finn Balor recently appeared as a guest on the Gorilla Position podcast for an in-depth interview. During the discussion, Balor spoke about Brock Lesnar’s status with WWE and whether or not he feels he needs to hold another Championship in WWE. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On whether or not he needs to hold another title in WWE: “I’d like to, but I don’t know if I need to. I don’t need anything. I would like to. It will be interesting to see where the title goes.”

On Brock Lesnar possibly leaving WWE: “When [Lesnar] comes out, it’s a different feel. Everyone’s like, ‘oh no, what’s gonna happen? We don’t know what’s gonna happen.’ I love it, I love watching Brock. I’d love to get in the ring with Brock. He is an attraction and he’s been an attraction since day one. People tend to forget that, they’re like ‘oh he comes and goes,’ but Brock’s the real deal. He was New Japan champion, people forget that, you know he’s been doing it [in WWE] for years, NCAA — he’s the real deal man… UFC, duh how’d I forget that one? When Brock walks to the ring there’s something special there happening that night. Regardless of if it’s good or bad, people like it or don’t like it they’re all paying attention and that’s what we need — we need more of that in pro wrestling.”

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On Lesnar possibly staying with WWE: “I hope so. You never know. You know everyone said he’s out the door after WrestleMania, last SummerSlam he was going. This SummerSlam he’s going. People just make up stories in their head because it sells newspapers or clickbait or whatever. They just like to talk to hear themselves talk or make themselves feel like they have an opinion, but we’re all just guessing. Because it’s all media hype. Nobody knows until it actually happens… I don’t think [WWE] even knows.”