Backstage News on Vince's Instructions for Smackdown's Attack on Raw

— According to a report at, last Monday’s Smackdown “Under Siege” attack on Raw was a segment that was actually taped earlier in the day instead of it airing live during the telecast.

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— The story goes on to mention that Vince McMahon instructed Smackdown talent to really “lay into the beatings” to convey as much brutality as possible. Furthermore, when a wrestler ended up throwing a normal “worked” punch, McMahon had ordered the cameras to stop in order to edit that out so that the audience wouldn’t see the worked punch.

— As far as Raw’s retaliation goes, as noted before, it is believed that it won’t happen this coming week as the Raw crew heads to Europe immediately after their show. The following week, both shows are in Manchester, England but on Tuesday, there is a Raw live event in a different city. That doesn’t make it impossible as WWE could easily pre-tape the segment in the afternoon. The week after – November 13 and 14 – are the last Raw and Smackdown go-home shows before Survivor Series.