Very Early Betting Odds for WWE Money in the Bank

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Money in the Bank is nearly 2 months away and betting odds are already
available for the MitB match itself, even though there have been no
participants officially announced. Odds have been set for 16 potential
winners and with 6 participants traditionally being set for these
matches, obviously not all of these will be involved. On occasion WWE
will allow more than 6 participants, however the most ever has been
10. This is not a reference to Tye Dillenger, who has odds of +2000,
which is an under 5% probability of winning. A successful bet here
would multiply their money by twenty-fold, so a $100 bet would win

So what happens to bets on wrestlers that never end up being in the
match? Those bets would be graded as a loss because this is more of a
prop bet based on potential of both being in the match and winning.
Technically none of these choices are guaranteed to be entered in the
match but realistically all the participants are likely to be from
this lot.

It’s no secret that WWE is very serious about Baron Corbin becoming a
top level player this year and a MitB win is plausible if not likely.
At odds of +150, Corbin has the best chances out of anyone to take the
briefcase and the right to cash it in for a WWE Championship title
shot at a time of his choosing. This is a 40% chance of winning and
from a field of 16 hopefuls, these are outstanding odds.

The next most favorable odds have been set for Shinsuke Nakamura at
+200, a 33% probability. After great success in both NJPW and NXT,
Nakamura finally made his way to the WWE main roster as part of the
Superstar ShakeUp, joining the Smackdown Brand. With the big plans for
Shinsuke eminent, a MitB win a few months into this run would solidify
the “King of Strong Style” as a top level talent in the permanent
title picture.

With odds of +250, or a 28% chance, Kevin Owens is the next most
likely to win this match. He’s already proven that he not only can
hang in the main event scene, but that he absolutely belongs there as
he has built a reputation for delivering big time in top matches.
After a well received reign as Universal Champion on Raw, Owens has
joined Smackdown with sights on winning that brand’s most coveted prize.

AJ Styles, who has a nice title reign as WWE Champion recently, is 4th
most likely at +400, a 20% probability. This would appear to be an
undervaluation of Styles and because of this the lines could move in
his favor if gamblers back him under his current odds. AJ, having just
arrived in WWE last year, has never won a Money in the Bank match and
this is an accomplishment that would be another feather in his cap.

Below is a full list of potential winner with their odds. These are
expected to change as we near to MitB on June 18.

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Betting Odds
Baron Corbin +150
Shinsuke Nakamura +200
Kevin Owens +250
AJ Styles +400
Sami Zayn +600
Rusev +800
John Cena +1000
Randy Orton +1000
Mojo Rawley +1400
Dolph Ziggler +1700
Big E +2000
Tye Dillenger +2000
Kane +2500
Luke Harper +2500
Zack Ryder +2500
Jinder Mahal +3300