Charlotte Retains RAW Women's Title At WWE Clash Of Champions PPV

At the WWE Clash Of Champions pay-per-view on Sunday night in Indianapolis, Indiana, RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte managed to retain her title by defeating Bayley and Sasha Banks in a triple-threat match.

Below is WWE’s social media coverage of the match, as well as our results of the contest from our WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 report.

Charlotte (c) def. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley: This Women’s Championship match is a No DQ match. The competitors dish out evenly matched offense early on. Sasha takes control and hits running double knees on Charlotte in the corner, but she turns around into a t-bone suplex from Bayley. Dana drops Bayley on the apron from the outside, and Charlotte hits a kick to the back of Sasha that sends her into the turnbuckle. Charlotte keeps working the back of Sasha, until Bayley makes a comeback and hits a series of running elbows on both Charlotte and Sasha in the corners. Sasha hits the double knees on Charlotte and Bayley in the corner, then the double knees again on Bayley off the apron onto the ringside floor. Sasha and Charlotte trade chops at ringside, but when they get back in the ring Charlotte takes control with a backbreaker and a Rock Bottom. Bayley comes in and hits the belly to belly suplex on Charlotte out of nowhere for a near fall. Charlotte eventually gets both Bayley and Sasha down, then hits a moonsault off the top for a near-fall on Sasha then on Bayley. Sasha gets Charlotte in the Banks Statement but Dana Brooke breaks it up and pulls Charlotte outside. Bayley goes up top, but Charlotte knocks her down to ringside. Charlotte hits a big boot on Sasha, then Sasha comes back with the backstabber and the Banks Statement. Bayley breaks it up, then Sasha gets her in the Banks Statement too. Charlotte beaks that up with a boot to the face of Sasha. Charlotte hits a big boot on Bayley that sends her flying into Sasha, and Sasha falls down to the floor. Charlotte hits a second big boot on Bayley for the win.