Jericho On His "Stupid Idiots" Catchphrase, Planning To Leave WWE TV Next Year, & More

Jericho says his current heel role was always part of the plan for his current run in WWE. In an interview with IBTimes to promote the new Jericho Network on PodcastOne, Jericho says he knew he was getting stale as a babyface when he lead the crowd in a “rooty-tooty-booty” chant.

“It’s definitely my best year since 2008, 2009, no doubt about that,” Jericho said of his current heel run. “And you never know what’s gonna stick. If I was a band to have two late career top-10 hits, so to speak, with “stupid idiot” and “drink it in, man,” who would have ever expected that? Who would ever expect that I would make “stupid idiot” a catchphrase?”

Jericho said that even he didn’t expect to have such a good heel run, and he still has a desire to put on good matches. Jericho says he doesn’t really have any more goals in WWE except to compete at a high level with new talent.

“Winning and losing–that’s not putting somebody over. Having great matches and working together and exchanging ideas, and exchanging experiences, concepts and thoughts, that’s putting somebody over,” Jericho explained. “That’s what working together is all about, and for me right now still to be working at a high level, character-wise, in the ring, psychology-wise. Give me a chance to work with these guys who are like 10 years younger than me. From Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to Rollins and Ambrose, Reigns and those type of guys. And a guy like AJ Styles, even though he’s almost my age, to help him learn what the WWE is all about, he picked it up very quickly. So that to me is the fun part, and that’s why I’m really enjoying this run.”

Jericho also revealed that his band Fozzy is working on a new record to be released in early 2017, and he plans to go on tour with the band which will take him off WWE TV.

You can read his entire interview here.

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