The Miz Talks About His Original Role In WWE, Career Goals & More

The Miz spoke with this week about his initial role in WWE as the host of SmackDown and sticking to his career goals no matter what. Here’s what he said about:

His Role In WWE When He First Arrived

“When I first came to WWE, I was told I was going to be the host of Friday Night SmackDown, and if you wanna be a WWE superstar, the worst thing you can be told is they want you to be the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE. I said, ‘Ya know what, they’re gonna give me a microphone. If they give me a microphone, I can make an audience boo me or cheer me.’ That’s how I proved myself [as a WWE star].”

Focusing On His Goals:

“If you succeed at a goal, make another one, and make it even bigger. My goal now is to win an Oscar. When I say that, people laugh at me. When I said I wanted to be a WWE superstar, they laughed at me. When I said I wanted to main-event WrestleMania, they laughed at me. So far I’ve been able to prove them wrong, and that fuels my fire. Now I need to find the tools to get me where I need to get next. I make goals that everyone else thinks are unattainable, but I know I can do it.”

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