Mick Foley Talks About His "Wardrobe Malfunction" At SummerSlam PPV

WWE legend Mick Foley took to Facebook to post a blog about his “wardrobe malfunction” at WWE SummerSlam last Sunday evening.

Foley wrote the following:


Did some of you sense some uneasiness as I fumbled with my mouth, right before speaking at last week’s ‪#‎SummerSlam‬? That was me, panicking, realizing that my new bottom dental flipper had come loose, and was wedged between my other bottom teeth in a way that would not allow me to pull them out, to speak clearly, or push them back in. I was finally able to reinsert them in the nick of time – at which point I spoke with all the ease and comfort of a man gargling billiard balls.

For those of you keeping score at home, the flipper replaced the teeth knocked out in the infamous 1998 ‪#‎HellInACell‬ – which had been reinserted into my gums at the hospital in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, despite repeated efforts over the years, the teeth never truly “took” and had become noticeably discolored over the past few years.

I thought I’d look ok with a few more missing teeth. After all, the knocked out front teeth not only didn’t look bad, but they’s been part of my “look” since late 1989. But after walking in my front door, I was met by my 12 year-old, who seems to be on some type of mission to tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. “Dad”, he said. “You used to look kind of cool. Now you just look like a meth addict.”

So I got the flipper…and I hate it. Nine months and $15,000 from now -after two more teeth are pulled (yep, a total of four teeth were damaged on that fateful night) I should have a decent smile. Until then, I’ll just give thanks that wrestling is fake.

Have a nice day!

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