Jim Ross Blog: Brock Lesnar/Undertaker, Need For Heels In WWE, Selling

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar: “Nothing on RAW from Kansas City came close to matching he emotion that the Beast Incarnate and the Phenom created with their physicality that was a throw back to another era but it worked like it was new. What’s old is new in today’s wrestling world by the way and the basic product doesn’t ned to be recreated. I wonder how many fans saw their first major, WWE pull a part ever on Monday night?”

On a lack of top heels: “Where have all the TV wrestling villains gone? Great heroes can’t be created without great villains, men and women who CHEAT TO GAIN AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. Alleged villains who working hard for the ‘pop’ and not for legit angst and heat are doing themselves, their opponents and the business a disservice. Villains should work to be ‘hated’ and not work to get their beloved, Tee shirt selling ‘pops.’ A few guys seem to ‘get it’ but no one has totally mastered the valuable albeit elusive art of being a true villain in today’s wrestling ring within the business no matter the promotion. Those that do perfect the skill of consistently being a true, bad guy will have every top fan favorite in the land wanting to work with them.”

On the art of selling: “Another old school theory is relates to everyone, especially fan favorites, and that’s learning to sell. It’s an art form that’s fleeting but it’s not out of fashion. Selling and the emotions that it elicits affects a basic element of our human emotions.”

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