Jim Ross Q&A: Ric Flair Missing From Evolution?, Sean Waltman/WWE, Territories

The following are highlights from the latest online Q&A update from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On whether or not Evolution is missing something with the absence of Ric Flair: “No and I don’t’ see Evolution being a unit long term either.”

On The Grappler and if Bill Watts would not pay guys and tell them “you’re lucky to have worked this show”: “Len was a very underrated talent. Really good actually. I wasn’t involved in Watts payoffs other than being taught the system. Bill handled all the cash. It’s a helluva story nonetheless.”

On the old territory days of pro wrestling: “Territories were great because their TV shows were only shown in their specific area and it made talents and story lines exclusive. In today’s social media age nothing on TV is really exclusive any longer. The territories won’t be returning in the era of cable TV. “

On if he feels Sean Waltman will ever return to WWE: “Happy that you enjoy my podcast. I too am a Sean Waltman fan but I don’t see him returning to WWE as an active wrestler in the future. Great guy and tremendous, wrestling IQ.”

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