Jim Ross Blog: Time Limit Draws, Seth Rollins, Heyman DVD

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are the highlights of what he said about:

Time Limit Draws In Wrestling: “Interesting feedback from a past Podcast topic regarding why TV Wrestling Companies don’t utilize time limits or draws from time to time. A competitive match with an added sense of urgency because of a time limit is much more appealing to me than a flaccid disqualification or a lame count out. Having a presentation billed as an athletic contest that has no time limit for all the matches is not reality based.”

Seth Rollins: “Just a casual observation but Seth Rollins has stood out recently on WWE TV and has illustrated how one maximizes their minutes.”

Being Interviewed For WWE’s Upcoming Paul Heyman DVD: “Based on what some of those interviewed have told me, I’m not sure that the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD will be a tribute or a roast. Seriously, the DVD should be entertaining and informative but if you would have told me in our WCW days that Paul would someday have a WWE DVD, I’d have asked what you were smoking. My Happy Heyman DVD interview lasted over two hours and from what I was told I was the last person to be interviewed for the much anticipated release.”

JR noted that his new Ross Report podcast is ranked #1 on the ITunes Sports Top Ten in the USA, Canada, and the UK – and that he’s looking to book additional “Ringside: An Evening With Jim Ross” shows.

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