Rey Mysterio Reveals His Ideal WWE WrestleMania 36 Opponent

During a recent interview with, Rey Mysterio revealed who his dream opponent will be for WWE WrestleMania 36 next year if he had the choice.

“The roster is filled with top talent but I really think that the match we had leading into me becoming United States Champion against AJ Styles – I would love to do that on a big stage. AJ vs Rey Mysterio,” Mysterio said of his dream match for WrestleMania.

Mysterio also spoke about his son stepping into the wrestling ring, and how he would be able to retire peacefully if he could team with him at one point.
“I most definitely would love to share the ring properly with him in a Tag Team Match or a 3 vs 3, but I definitely would love to potentially share the ring with him one day. I think, after that happens, I can retire peacefully.”
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