Reason Why Jushin Thunder Liger Missed NJPW’s Fighting Spirit: Unleashed Tour

PWInsider is reporting that Jushin Thunder Liger was not booked for New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Fighting Spirit: Unleashed tour, as it would’ve contradicted a major storyline in the Japanese promotion. Fans were a bit perplexed at Liger missing the Northeastern tour, as this is his final year in wrestling.

According to Mike Johnson, Liger was not booked because he recently transformed into his demonic-alter ego, Kishin Liger, at Destruction In Kobe. Kishin Liger is an unpredictable and downright homicidal version of Liger, that only makes special appearances. Also Kishin Liger’s fury is not synonymous with the feel-good atmosphere that the traditional Jushin Thunder Liger brings.

Minoru Suzuki, the man that antagonized Liger until he released his Kishin form, was also not booked on the tour. While it is unknown why Suzuki wasn’t booked, not booking Liger was simply to not contradict the angle from Destruction In Kobe.

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