WATCH: Matt Riddle Crashes NXT Takeover: Toronto Looking for a Fight

The “Original Bro” wasn’t about to sit at home and watch the rest of the NXT roster make an impact this Saturday night at NXT Takeover: Toronto.

Matt Riddle make his presence on the show felt after coming through the crowd and storming the ring, demanding that Killian Dain – who nearly put him out of action after slamming him THROUGH the stage a few weeks ago – come out and face him like the big hairy beast that he is.

Dain didn’t waste too much time, also coming through the crowd to mix it up with Riddle. Their brawl went all around the arena and while all kinds of security and officials tried to break them up, Mr. Bro continually applied sleeper holds to chip the super heavyweight down to size, before the two went crashing off the stage through a heap of production equipment.

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