PROGRESS Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 Day Three Results (5/6)

PROGRESS Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 Day Three Results
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Hangover Battle Royal 

1-  Chris Brookes def. Roy Johnson, DJZ, Artemis Spencer, OJ, Darby Allin, Connor Mills, Lucky Kid, Chris Ridgeway, Trevor Lee

SSS16 Semi-Final Elimination Triple Threat

2- David Starr def. Travis Banks & Ilja Dragunov

SSS16 Semi-Final Match

3-Jordan Devlin def. Kyle O’Reilly​​​​​​​

Death Match (Jimmy Havoc’s final PROGRESS match)

4-Paul Robinson def. Jimmy Havoc

Jim Smallman comes out to say goodbye to Jimmy and plays a video covering his entire time in Progress from 2012 until today.

Progress Tag Team Title Match

5-Aussie Open def. Aerostar & Daga

Post-match Flash Morgan Webster and Wild Boar Mike Hitchman attack Aussie Open and leave with the tag titles.

Progress Women’s Championship Four-Way Match 

6-Jordynne Grace def. Nina Samuels vs Millie Mckenzie vs Session Moth Martina

SSS16 Final

7- David Starr def. Jordan Devlin

Starr takes the mic and says he is here to build things up, not tear them down. It’s not about contracts vs no contracts, it’s about the many vs the few. He says he can’t keep his promise of challenging WALTER, because that coward left the country early. But he is coming for him, and he will be Progress Champion.

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