Matt Hardy Discusses The Difference Between WWE & AEW Creative

After making his debut on AEW Dynamite this week, Matt Hardy was a guest on Talk Is Jericho where he discussed the difference in the creative process between AEW and WWE.

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While Hardy is still very new to the AEW locker room, he has seen the difference in creative approach between the two companies already.

Hardy said: “The one thing that I really noticed was like ‘hey I’m thinking about doing this’ and they’re like ‘that sounds great,’ as opposed to like ‘well we’ve got to ask so and so and then we have to ask so and so and he has to ask Vince.’ As far as going through all those different levels of authority, it was just like ‘sure, that sounds great.’ You know, it made it super easy. I did some promos and vignettes at the end of the night and I was just like ‘I’m┬áthinking about saying this, does it sound cool?’ And they said ‘sounds cool,’ and I did it. So, it was just very easy and just very refreshing just to like not have any kind of restraints on you, and to just go and be creative and do your thing and do you, because nobody does themselves better than them.”

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