WWE SmackDown Results (1/15): Incredible Mysterio vs Andrade Match, Mandy Rose & Naomi Brawl, More

WWE Smackdown Results
January 15th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off SmackDown this week with The Man, Becky Lynch backstage as she drives in. Lynch is quickly stopped and asked if she is ready for Asuka, and Lynch claims that she knows the answer already and that she will answer it in the ring.

We then cut to a strange (WWE style comedy) backstage segment between New Day and Heavy Machinery with the former NXT tag team making a disgusting drink which Lynch ends up drinking, claiming it’s a little weak.


Just as she promised, Becky Lynch wastes no time and heads straight to the ring to a fantastic reception to kick things off properly. She states that in two weeks she gets the chance to win back the same title she got the whole world talking about, but she questions where it is now.

Lynch says that the whole roster thinks what she is doing is a fluke, that being The Man is easy until they try it. Lynch states that they are all trying it, men and women, alike, and she believes that Asuka is now finding out just how hard leading this division really is.

She adds that she delivers on everything she says, every single time. Lynch says if you want to talk about hype, Asuka walked into WrestleMania last year indestructible, but she lost and it shook her to her core and it took Asuka off the radar and yet Asuka asks if she’s ready for her?

Well… we won’t have to wait to hear what Asuka has to say as the champion quickly makes her way to the ring to confront Lynch. Asuka says Lynch likes hype and she buzzes like a little bee, but she has no sting. Asuka says that at the Rumble Becky won’t be in Charlotte’s shadow, she will be in hers.

However, the two are quickly interrupted by The IIconics. They say that a champion doesn’t behave like that, making threats and scary faces, and they then turn that to Lynch saying she is bossy, which is typical behaviour for a man.

Peyton Royce says it doesn’t matter which one of them wins because they will win the Royal Rumble match and then they will become the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions and then they will go on to make WrestleMania iconic.

Lynch quickly turns her attention back to Asuka, saying she will show her why she is the talk of the industry and she challenges either Kay or Royce to a match, right now.


The Man immediately just punches Peyton Royce in the throat and then brings her down to the mat looking for her submission finisher, but Royce escapes. (Lynch is not working in ring gear here, a subtle touch considering the opening segment).

Whilst Lynch is competing in the match we are shown Lacey Evans backstage watching the match with a cocktail in her hands. Back to the match and Royce manages to finally get in some offence as Lynch attempts to re-enter the ring after chasing Royce on the outside.

Royce continues to try and dominate, locking in a submission and as Lynch tries to fight out of it, Royce quickly throws her back to the mat. However, a second attempt to escape works and Lynch drops from the second rope to take out Royce who quickly goes back outside.

Royce smartly uses Billie Kay as a distraction and as she throws away her tag team partner she rocks Lynch with a lariat on the outside of the ring. Back from the break and once again, Kay is in control but Lynch then begins to throw hands with Peyton and that gives her the difference.

Lynch then lands the Becksploder and eventually locks in the Dis-Arm-Her to pick up the victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Following the win, Asuka begins screaming at Lynch in Japanese and it is clear she challenges Billie Kay to a match so Asuka chases her and throws her into the ring.


Asuka wastes little time taking the fight straight to Kay, kicking and hitting a hip attack, eventually locking in her own version of Lynch’s submission move as she gets a little cocky which leads to Kay going for a roll-up win. But Asuka smartly reverses into the Asuka Lock for the win and Asuka and Lynch have a big staredown.

Winner: Asuka

Randomly, AJ Styles’ music then hits and the former WWE Champion makes his way to the ring and ends up climbing out of the ringside area and heads up to the fans and the Concord area in the arena, where Bryan kicked off last weeks show.


AJ Styles is now at the concessions stand just like Bryan was last week with the WWE Universe. He said that these people spent their hard earned money to be here and if they want hot dogs, they can get themselves some and he promises to kick Bryan’s ass at the Royal Rumble.

AJ hands out shirts to his fans but then out of nowhere Daniel Bryan appears and ambushes Styles and the two men quickly begin brawling which leads to AJ planting Bryan through a table full of hot dogs until security drags them apart.

The Usos are then shown backstage taking photos for WWE and a gift is given to Jimmy Uso, which he thinks is from Naomi for their anniversary, but in the end, it is from Mandy Rose which is a key to her hotel room.

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