NXT UK Results (12/12): Two Undefeated Heavyweights Clash, Xia Brookside vs Jinny, Gallus In Action & More

NXT UK Results
December 12, 2018
Episode #16


A bulk of the match was Gallus working over Ligero with quick, alternating tags and simply using their massive size and strength advantage to bully him down. Smith eventually got the hot tag and lit up Coffey with a huge superkick. Wolfgang went after him, but Ligero flew over the top rope with a tope con hilo to take the big man out. Smith got two off an O’Conner roll, but was clubbed down with a few big chops to the chest. Coffey hit a step-up enzuigiri, and that’s all it took.

Winners: Gallus

— A replay is shown last week of Isla Dawn calling out Rhea Ripley after winning a match. The graphic says “three weeks ago” which is super weird because it literally just happened in the last episode. It’s officially announced that the two will battle for the NXT UK Women’s Championship next week!

— Gallus is interviewed backstage. Joe Coffey cut a promo on his boys becoming NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and promised that he will destroy Pete Dunne to one day become the NXT UK Champion. But first, he’s going to END Travis Banks once and for all.


Conners immediately takes it to his opponent with clubbing blows, bullying him around the ring with very little effort. He threw Starz into the corner with a sunset flip buckle bomb, connected with a Bear Hug driver, and that’s all she wrote. This took maybe 90 seconds.

Winner: Joseph Conners

— Xia Brookside is interviewed backstage and is excited to face Jinny in just a few minutes. She says she’s not the most experienced member of the NXT UK roster, but she’s got the most heart. Jinny walks up and the two have a staredown.


The two locked up with Brookside winning the first exchange, surprising her opponent. They locked up again and this time Jinny took control, and Brookside gave her a wicked smile in acknowledgement. Jinny set in with hard elbow strikes and kicks, before dropping Xia down hard into the bottom turnbuckle and stomping away mercilessly, until the referee had to get in between them. She slowed things down with a back stretch for a moment, pulling at her opponent’s hair and wrenching away on the lower back and arms.

Eventually Xia got to the ropes and began to climb back into the match. She hit a forearm in the corner before trying to lock in a Surfboard Stretch, but her back gave out in the middle of the hold. Jinny took advantage and stomped away at the back before hitting a rolling kick to the side of the head for the win.

Winner: Jinny

— Zack Gibson and James Drake came out to the ring. Gibson ranted and raved about how “easily” they destroyed their opponents last week. He said they will very soon be recognized as the very first NXT UK Tag Team Champions. I’m not sure why this had to happen in the ring, as it lasted about 30 seconds…


Dennis ran the ropes at the start, trying his damndest to take Mastiff off his feet with big, thudding shoulder tackles, but nothing seemed to work. He tried simply chopping the big man down with chops, strikes and kicks, but Mastiff shot back with a surprise dropkick. He followed with a running crossbody and tried for a senton, but Dennis rolled out of the ring to safety. A brawl broke out on the outside while the ref was counting, resulting in Mastiff crashing through the ring steps, but he got back up with a smile on his face.

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Dennis went after him with knees to the body, throwing him into the barricade over and over. Back in the ring Mastiff fought back with elbow strikes, but crashed and burned into the corner on a big splash attempt. Dennis immediately went after the big man with clubbing blows to the back and neck. The two big hosses fought up the ropes jockeying for position, and Mastiff got the better of it crashing down with a superplex that nearly imploded the ring.

Big right hands from the big men, trading blows back and forth. Dennis sunk down to one knee, then battled back with shots of his own. He came off the ropes but Mastiff caught him with a Finlay roll into a massive senton splash for a nearfall. A German suplex bridge connected, but it wasn’t enough. Dennis caught him running in a surprise, hosting him up for the Black Hole Slam.

They teased a second superplex spot on the top, but this time Dennis fought free and got the big man up for a Crucifix Powerbomb. Somehow Mastiff struggled free, but got taken down anyways with a killer lariat. He fought back and sent Dennis flying with a German suplex release. A giant cannonball splash connected in the corner for the 1…2…3.

Winner: Bomber Dave Mastiff