News On Why WWE Was Unable To Secure A UK TV Deal For NXT UK, Future Of WWE’s Sky UK Deal

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE attempted to gain a TV deal with Sky UK for its new NXT UK show.

It had been reported that WWE wanted to have the show on television in the UK as a way to work against the competition of World Of Sport, but was unable to reach a deal, hence why the show is now on the WWE Network each week.

According to the report, WWE attempted to get the show on Sky Sports, the same channel that showcases both Raw and SmackDown Live in the UK but a deal couldn’t be agreed between them.

The reason for that was due to multiple issues according to the Observer, with the main reason being the significantly declining viewership numbers of both WWE’s main shows, which meant that Sky wasn’t interested in having another show.

Another of the main reasons is due to the fact Sky and WWE’s relationship is slightly strained, with the WWE Network being a main issue for that. When the recent deal was originally signed one of the key components of that was that Sky was going to gain a share of WWE’s PPV revenues.

Of course, WWE now has the WWE Network which has seen PPV revenue totally destroyed. However, even though the current deal between them ends in late 2019, it is expected that they will re-sign.


Source :

Wrestling Observer

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