NWA Power results: The Champions Series final round is set

NWA Power opened with adding a new way to obtain points in the Champions Series, as the alternates will face off in a four corners match with the winner getting seven points for their team and the loser costing their team three points.

Kenzie Paige (Team Kamille/Idol) defeated Lady Frost (Team Stevens/Terrell)

Frost and Paige showed some grappling skills early on, but Frost didn’t take kindly to being taken over and hit a hard knee and several strikes. Frost grounded Paige with a sleeper hold, then hit a release fisherman’s suplex, but Paige kicked out following a pinfall attempt.

Ducking a clothesline, Frost connected with a huge kick and then a moonsault off the turnbuckle. Frost pulled Paige up from the mat to which Paige responded by rolling Frost up and pinning her.

The Mystery Man (Team Pope/Sky) & Crimson (Team Aldis/Melina) went to a time limit draw

Joe Galli forgot that the Mystery Man was on Team Aldis and only realized part way through the match when Melina couldn’t answer his questions about him. I liked how Crimson and Mystery Man locked up as both guys showed overall intensity with their attacks. Crimson hit some hard chops in the corner and a big suplex in the middle of the ring.

Mystery Man hit an elbow, mounted punches, and a suplex on Crimson. Crimson hit an exploder suplex into the corner. Both men brawled on the outside of the ring and Crimson slammed Mystery Man right on the concrete floor, which sounded sickening. The wrestlers at ringside screamed as well after the spot.

Crimson hit an elbow off the middle rope for a two count, then went for a death valley driver, but Mystery Man elbowed out and hit a power bomb before locking in a half crab. As Crimson was going for the ropes, the bell rang as the match went to a 10-minute time limit draw.

This was a good match for what it was. I have honestly been impressed with Crimson. He was quite bad in his TNA run, but he has improved quite a bit since then which was on display in this match. The Mystery Man wasn’t bad either.

Jeremiah Plunkett (Team Aldis/Melina) defeated Sal Rinauro (Team Kamille/Idol), Jordan Clearwater (Team Stevens/Terrell) & Colby Corino (Team Pope/Team Sky) in a four-way

Corino got on the bad side of the other three men and they all beat him up and sent him to the floor. That didn’t work out for Rinauro, as he got pulled to the floor and thrown into the ring post. Billy Corgan joined the commentary booth for this match and talked about his history with Steve Corino, Colby’s father.

Plunkett and Corino managed to work together and double-teamed Clearwater. Clearwater wasn’t going down without a fight, though, and managed to make a comeback just as Rinauro hit a crossbody onto both Corino and Plunkett.

Clearwater and Rinauro displayed some great teamwork to take both of the other men out before facing off against each other. Clearwater ate a Rinauro handspring stunner, but as Rinauro hit the ropes, Clearwater retaliated with a spinebuster. Corino stopped the pinfall and began to fight with Plunkett. Plunkett nailed Corino with a classic Arn Anderson-style DDT to score the pinfall.

That finish seemed to come out of nowhere. With the win, Team Aldis evened up the score with Team Pope.

Tyrus (Team Stevens/Terrell) defeated Kratos (Team Kamille/Idol)

Galli welcomed Austin Idol to the commentary table and Idol muttered that it was a desk and not a table, which made me laugh. Tyrus insisted that the referee check Kratos. Kratos seemed to take offense that Stevens didn’t pick him for the team. Kratos started by hitting the ropes and smashing into Tyrus with a shoulder tackle.

Tyrus hit an armdrag on Kratos, sending him across the ring. I was as shocked as you are. Kratos started landing strikes and it’s clear he was determined to get a match out of Tyrus based on how hard he was hitting him. The referee ejected Stevens from ringside for seemingly no reason.

Tyrus went on the offensive which immediately lowered the match quality. His WWE big man style does not translate well to any ring, let alone the NWA and against Kratos. Kratos hit a flying clothesline to drop Tyrus, which looked good. He then drove knees into Tyrus’ head, but the big man just stood up and clotheslined Kratos, hit an elbow and pinned him.

The referee seemed confused by that, but called for the bell, so I guess Tyrus wins. That was weird. Did Kratos get hurt and not kick out? I have no idea what happened here. Why not film it again? This has happened several times over the last three months and I am not sure why they don’t just do it again if it was wrong.

Both teams in the block are tied in points, but Team Kamille & Idol had less time in the ring, so their team advances to the finals.

Jax Dane (Team Pope/Sky) defeated Slice Boogie (Team Aldis/Melina)

Dane hit a shoulder tackle, but Boogie kipped up. Dane then hit a Vader body tackle which always pops me. Boogie poked Dane’s eye and landed a kick to his knee and a boot to the face. This only made Dane angry, who hit an awesome huge belly-to-belly suplex on Boogie.

Boogie cut Dane off and landed an axe kick while Dane was leaning on the middle rope. Boogie got the heat for the next few minutes, hitting a nice swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Boogie tried to stop Dane from getting up with a front facelock, but Dane drove him back to the corner.

Boogie managed to shove him back to the middle of the ring and hit a diving dropkick to the knee. Dane hit a few headbutts once they were back on their feet. Boogie went for a Stinger splash in the corner, but Dane caught him and hit a dead lift belly-to-belly.

Dane missed a corner charge and crashed into the ring post. Boogie went for a Gotch-style piledriver, but Dane back body dropped out of it and destroyed Boogie with a lariat for the pinfall. Team Pope & Sky advance in the series, which means Team Aldis & Melina were eliminated.

Final Thoughts:

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This was a fun episode of Power for the most part. That confusing finish to Kratos vs. Tyrus really didn’t help my enjoyment. I also don’t understand the obsession with pushing Tyrus. Kratos is a far better worker, younger, and brings more to the table as a big man. Dane does too so why is Tyrus needed? I could get behind Dane and Austin Idol being a group.

I think the scoring system in the tournament would be helped greatly if they simplified it to a system similar to the G1, but at least they are constantly updating the viewer and letting us know who is ahead.

Team Kamille & Idol and Team Pope & Sky advance to the final round, which will be next week.