Johnny Gargano On Why His Feud With Ciampa Is Real, Dream Opponents & Why NXT Is Special

NXT Superstar, Johnny Gargano recently spoke with the folks at Cultaholic who talked about his NXT career, his feud with Ciampa and more. Below are some highlights and you can watch the full interview in the video player above.

On his feud with Ciampa:

“I think you have to be real. The thing with me and Tommaso and DIY, it was just organic, it wasn’t manufactured, it was never supposed to happen. We were two guys who were never supposed to be here who just scratched and clawed and did everything we could to make our dreams come true and what you saw on the screen was a real friendship blossoming. He was at my wedding, we moved together, we shared an apartment, it was very real which made it so tragic, it helps that we are polar opposites.”

Why NXT is special:

“I love NXT, that’s not me being a company shill that is how I feel. I love this company, I feel like we have the best roster in the world and NXT is special, people ask me all the time about moving to the main roster, I am very happy with what I built in NXT and I believe we can go even higher. For me personally, Ciampa is NXT Champion and that is my fault, I feel like I need to right that wrong the goal has always been to be NXT Champion and I hope one day that happens.”

Dream opponents:

“Obviously, he was just on Raw recently so me and Shawn Michaels would be a good one. I know he’s brought it up before in interviews but me and Daniel Bryan would do something wild. Me and Seth Rollins doing something would be cool and for my money, AJ Styles is the best performer of our generation so I think that would be one.”

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