The Miz On Why Roman Reigns Is Doing a ‘Tremendous’ Job and What Reigns Needs to Be in WWE

WWE Smackdown Live star The Miz recently spoke with Gorilla Position, and you can watch the entire interview in the video player above.

On the subject of Roman Reigns and the fan reaction he gets in WWE, The Miz had the following to say, h/t to for the transcription.

“I would allow Roman to keep being Roman. He’s selling the most merch out of anybody and the people are gonna sit there and go: ‘Oh well he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t be doing this.’ Nobody knows.

“Nobody has a scientific formula to being the most over superstar in all of WWE. One thing is for certain, Roman Reigns gets a reaction every time he goes out there. Whether you love him or you hate him.”

The Miz continued by claiming that the current mix of babyface and heel Roman Reigns is something that the current WWE fan wants to see.

“Nobody likes the old-fashioned Superman, nobody wants that anymore. You know everyone wants that bleed of grey and that’s what we give you.

“I think Roman Reigns is doing a tremendous job in giving you that. He’s not gonna sit there and go, ‘I’m the all-American good guy,’ he’s gonna say things that make you go, ‘Oh, he probably shouldn’t have said that because you know that’s not what a good guy would do. Or that’s not what a bad guy would do.’

“So whether you like him or not, he’s selling the most merch and getting the biggest reactions so what’s he doing wrong? What’s the bad part about that? Tell me.”

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