WATCH: Tetsuya Naito Says Chris Jericho’s History in NJPW ‘Failed to Make an Impression’ On Him

As we noted two weeks ago, Chris Jericho cut a scathing, expletive-laden promo on his NJPW Dominion opponent Tetsuya Naito at the May 22nd NJPW BOTSJ event in Japan. You can check out the full promo at this link.

Naito has since responded to Jericho in the video below, and offered the following criticism of Jericho’s short-lived time in New Japan while Jericho was under contract to WCW:

“I know [Jericho] was in Best of the Super Juniors before. He was in the ring on June 5th, 1997, in Budokan on the day I decided to become a pro wrestler. But unfortunately, he wasn’t main-eventing, he was knocked out of the tournament already. So, he failed to make any kind of impression on me.”

You can watch the full interview with Naito below:

Days before facing Jericho at #njdominion @s_d_naito has strong words for the Alpha @IAmJericho in this exclusive▶︎

5.22 クリス・ジェリコからのメッセージを受け、内藤が口を開く…。#njDOMINION 6.9も #NJPWWorld で生配信!登録&視聴▷

— njpwworld (@njpwworld) May 30, 2018

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