John Cena Admits He Still Wants to Marry Nikki Bella and Have Children with Her, A Shocked Nikki Responds (Videos)

As noted, WWE star John Cena returned to the “Today” show this morning, and during the appearance, Cena discussed his recent split from Nikki Bella.

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Reports have been indicating since the Cena and Bella split that the two decided to part ways when Cena got cold feet about the couple’s upcoming wedding. It was also indicated that the couple was at odds with having children, with Nikki wanting to start a family and Cena not having time with his busy career to give Nikki the family she wants.

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During the “Today” show appearance this morning, Cena admitted that he still wants to marry Nikki Bella and even claimed he wants to have her children.

“I still love Nicole. I still would love to marry Nicole. I still would love to have a family with Nicole”, Cena said.

Extra TV then caught up with The Bella Twins at today’s NBC Upfronts in New York City, and during the red carpet ceremony, the interviewer dropped the news on Nikki that John Cena had admitted earlier this morning that he still wants to marry her and have children with her.

A shocked Nikki responded by saying “I’m speechless”, and you can watch more in the above and below videos.

Nikki Bella reacts to @JohnCena‘s “Today” confession that he still wants to marry her, be the father of her children: #TotalBellas @AJCalloway

— ExtraTV (@extratv) May 14, 2018