Was Velveteen Dream’s Indie Rant a Work or a Shoot?

As we noted yesterday, Velveteen Dream took to Twitter and ranted about “indy guys pretending to be actual talent” signing with NXT and taking top spots from true “superstars” of the brand.

It appears as if the comments were simply part of a new story line for Dream, as WWE.com has since published the following on Dream’s Twitter post:

Over the last few years, WWE NXT has become a destination for independent talent looking to hone their craft — Kassius Ohno, Samoa Joe, Apollo and The Undisputed ERA are among those whose body of work led them to make the leap to Full Sail University. At least one “homegrown talent,” however, isn’t impressed with the influx.

Inarguably one of the Yellow Brand’s fastest-rising stars, The Velveteen Dream took to social media to say how he really feels about the “indy guys” who, in his mind, detract from the real Superstars that are worthy of the spotlight.

Dream, who loves to speak in riddles, did not, of course, name the competitor(s) who has so ruffled his boa feathers as to rile him up online. (Tyler Bate seems a solid bet, given their recent animosity.) But given the quality of Dream’s in-ring performances thus far, it’s fair to say that his words are as worthy of the NXT locker room’s attention as his actions.


— DREAM (@VelveteenWWE) February 22, 2018

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